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Carpet Manufacturers recommend that your carpets are professionally cleaned annually to maintain their guarantees as well as prolonging the life of the carpet by 100%.  This is even more important for businesses as first impressions and cleanliness are ever so important and the foot fall on commercial carpets are much higher than domestic carpets which is why most of our regular commercial customers rely on our carpet and upholstery cleaning service to have their carpets cleaned every six months keeping them looking pristine and to protect their investment.

We also know how important it is to use the correct machinery for carpet cleaning which is why we did over three months of research before investing thousands into a top of the range carpet cleaning machine that has been shipped in from America.  For those who are technically minded this machine has two Lamb Ametec vacuum motors ( best, most reliable motors available ) 500PSI spray pump, a magic heavy duty wand with a patented design which allows 93% of the moisture put down to be extracted immediately preventing the horror stories you here of carpets being soaking wet afterwards and shrinking etc.  With this equipment your carpets will be dry within 2 hours not 24 hours that most people advertise.

When we clean your carpets we also invest in the top of the range Eco Friendly, Non Toxic, Hypoallergenic and biodegradable chemicals.  These chemicals have no VOC’s, no enzymes, no bacteria, no bleach and no toxic oxidizing or reducing agents which not only clean your carpets but deodorises them and kills all bacteria.  So a full comprehensive service is provided.  We use a 5 step method to ensure that a quality job is achieved.  This process is:

1.  Through vacuum of the carpet to remove most of the dirt and grime

2.  Pre-spray of the carpet and agitation to allow the chemical to get into the fibres to loosen all dirt

3.  Hot water extraction is then used to flush and wash the dirt out of the carpets to be removed by the powerful vacuum system on the machine

4.  Stubborn stains are worked on in detail

5.  Final groom of the carpet

Some of these steps may not be required so will be omitted accordingly

Where quick drying is essential we can provide a high powered fan to reduce the drying time even more

Complementary overshoes are also provided should you need to walk over the carpet immediately

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